In February, 2021, multiple ice and snow storms blanketed the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Strong winds blew and temperatures in some places were below zero degrees Fahrenheit.  Many experienced power outages in these treacherous temperatures, sometimes for hours, but more commonly, for days. The following are praise reports from some of the members of the Church of Christ in Forest Hill, TX.


Praise the name of Jesus we have made it through the snow storm! 

We have not seen snowy weather like this since 1989, nor experienced rigid temperatures of -1°! It took a while to adjust to the “new” temps, while having no electricity for 31 hours, and only water available through bathtub! We kept warm from the cozy fire of our hand built fireplace, multiple blankets/ comforters, and layers of clothing w/our goodies, hats, and gloves!

We were able to keep our four children entertained by plugging the TV & the WiFi box into a small generator for movies and a couple of games. They NEVER complained! My husband, Brian, chopped up logs of wood and gave to neighbors to also keep their houses warm. We also called and checked on others to see if they had needs, while people did the same for us. We were grateful for the thoughts!

Through God’s protection, provisions, strength, and love, we were able to ban together as a family for support, while leaning on God! We are forever grateful and thankful!
The King Family 💜


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