• Emanuel & Carolyn White
    Sermons | Brotherhood of Men

    Emanuel White Sr.

    Serving as Forest Hill Senior Minister since May 5, 1991



    Emanuel White, Sr. has served as the Senior Minister of the Forest Hill Church of Christ for over twenty-eight years.  Emanuel was born in Detroit Michigan but was raised in Abbeville South Carolina where he received his early education.  After graduation Emanuel attended South Western Christian College where he received his Associate Degree.  He continued his education at Abilene Christian University.  While attending South Western Christian College he met Carolyn Williams who would become his wife and in 1980 they were wedded.  Emanuel and Carolyn have four sons. 


    Emanuel is a second-generation minister.  His father the late I. V. White ministered in Abbeville at the Haigler Street Church of Christ for over fifty-eight years. 


    Under Emanuel’s ministry at Forest Hill, he has ordained Elders and Deacons four separate times.  His love for training and education has lead to the development of The Brotherhood of Men Conference, which meets annually, where he encourages hundred’s of men from across the country and Bermuda to become all that God intended for men to become.    Emanuel currently serves as the President of the Sound Doctrine Foundation, a non-profit designed to provide scholarships for college students.    One of Emanuel’s favorite sayings is that “God always rewards faithfulness”.

  • Roscoe & Carion Rhodes
    Sermons | Evangelism and Restoration

    Roscoe Rhodes, Sr.,

    Serving as Forest Hill Evangelism Minister since December 9, 2010



    Roscoe Rhodes, Sr. was born in Wilmar, Arkansas where he graduated from Wilmar High School. He loved teaching and preaching the Word of God so much that he enrolled in the Bay Area School of Preaching in California.  After graduating he served as Assistant Minister, and later, Minister at the Encinal Avenue Church of Christ in Alameda, California.


    He and his wife moved to Fort Worth, Texas in 1990. He is currently the Evangelism Minister at Church of Christ in Forest Hill. He teaches the Adult class on Sunday mornings and some Wednesday nights. He teaches a series of classes on Evangelism to the congregation, and a series of classes on “How to study the Bible with confidence.” He is also responsible for the Restoration Ministry.


    In his free time Roscoe enjoys playing golf with his friends. Roscoe and his wife Carion have one son (daughter-in-law) and 2 granddaughters.

  • Coyle & Sherlon Allen
    Sermons | Youth

    Coyle Allen

    Serving as Forest Hill Youth Minister since September 2, 2001



    Coyle Allen is a native of Fort Worth, Texas.  He was baptized at the Lake Como Church of Christ and he began preaching there in April 2000. He has great passion for preaching the gospel and developing and training leaders. In 2001, he began as Youth Minister at the Church of Christ in Forest Hill. He intensely focuses on spiritual growth and understanding the Word of God for the youth.  He has spent a considerable amount of time with parents and children, helping them build better relationships.  Additionally, his managerial experience helps him work with the Leadership of the congregation on managing change and implementation of new processes.  


    Brother Allen received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and his master’s degree in Business and Human Relations.  He serves on the Board of the Texas State Youth Conference.  


    Brother Allen is married to Sherlon Allen. They have four children and three grandchildren.  In his spare time, he loves going on dates with his wife, playing golf, and spending time with his family.

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