Have you ever chosen to do wrong, even when you knew the right thing to do?

Why do we wrestle with this dilemma so much?

In this brief video clip, Emanuel White, Sr. offers insights on some thinking that may lead us to choose wrong. 



Summary Notes

"The Big Lie" by Emanuel White, Sr.

Ezekiel 3:16-21, Genesis 2:15-17, Genesis 3:14



Why do I know what’s right and wrong, and yet I choose to do wrong so often? Why do I choose to disobey God and go in another direction?


Utopia - Genesis 2:15-17 

Adam, the first man, lived in a utopian world. There was no sin. God told Adam that if he ate of one certain tree in the garden he would die.


No Confusion Genesis 3:1 

The serpent asked Eve, the first woman, if God told her that she couldn’t eat of every tree of the garden? Eve responded that she could eat of every tree except one. There was no confusion. There was no misunderstanding.


The Big Lie (Eve)

The serpent said, “You shall not surely die.” Satan convinced Eve that disobeying God wouldn’t be that bad. 


The Big Lie (Us)

When making decisions that we know are contrary to the will of God, we believe it won’t be that bad.

  • We think we can do it because we believe we will not surely die.
  • We think it won’t kill us.
  • We don’t think it’s that bad.
  • We think, “others have done it…they were ok, so I’ll be ok.

The Truth

The Big Lie leads to pain and sorrow – not sometimes, but every time.


2 Deaths

  • Physical Death
    • When a person takes his/her last breath.
  • Spiritual Death
    • When we damage/break our relationship with the Heavenly Father. 

The Remedy

Jesus Christ is the only remedy to bring our severed relations back together with God.

5 responses to “The Big Lie”

  1. public.relations says:

    Welcome to our blog. Please join our open conversation.

  2. Jane Elizabeth Harris says:

    Spiritual Warfare is Real! If I Could Teach New Christians anything I would Teach the Truth! Discipleship! Your Identity In Christ 2COR 5:17! Mystery has been Revealed Col 1:27 Christ in
    you Hope of Glory!

  3. public.relations says:

    Thank you for participating in our open conversation. Indeed, Spiritual warfare is real.

  4. Sis Ameenah Montgomery says:

    Thoughts on the text Gen3:1-4 1. Be careful about holding a conversation with the enemy 2. Satan walketh about seeking whom he may devour 3. Sometimes we should not entertain questions and ongoing conversations that are settled in heaven because evil communication corrupts good manners 4. Satan changed 1 one word and that made his doctrine false. There is no space to add nor subtract from God’s Word, not even 1 word, Halleluhuh!

  5. Jacquanna Johnson says:

    The simple truth is powerful. Very helpful.

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